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*REQUIRED for retailers located in U.S.A. (exceptions: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire & Oregon). You will need to provide a copy of your certificate prior to final approval. If exempt, please enter N/A.
Independent Distributor Agreement I am an independent distributor conducting business for my own account, and not an employee, representative, or agent of Enviro-One. I understand that since I am an independent contractors, I will not be treated as employees with respect to my business activities for State or Federal tax purposes. I will conduct my business in compliance with all Federal, State, and Municipal laws pertaining to my independent business operations.

1. I will present descriptions of Enviro-One products in a truthful and complete manner. All terms of sales will be clearly stated. I will fully support the Enviro-One guarantee on all of its products.

2. I agree not to post any product prices that are below the set M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Price). The maximum discount distributors can advertise Enviro-One products is 10% below the SRP (Suggested Retail Price).

3. I understand that I may terminate this agreement at any time via written notice to Enviro-One. If I should act contrary to the best interests of Enviro-One (as determined by Enviro-One), the company reserves the right to terminate this agreement via notice in writing, sent to the address last known to the company. I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Enviro-One Independent Distributor Agreement (see below). I understand that I am an independent distributor and agree to conduct my business in accordance with Enviro-One's policies and procedures.