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Natural Products ReviewsReviews from happy customers

gigiNatural Baby Wash and Wipes

I have been using other natural cleaning products for the past 5 years and I just recently started using your Enviro-One formula. Now that I have a newborn, I value using it more than ever! I use it to give her a bath, wash her hair, clean her bottles, wipe down her toys, wash her clothes and I even make baby wipes. Since it contains no dyes or fragrances, I have no worries about her getting any allergic reactions to it. When I wash her hair and it gets in her eyes, it doesn’t even burn her eyes. This stuff is amazing!!!

Our second visit to the Pediatrician, the doctor made a comment about how especially nice my daughters skin was and asked what I was using to bathe her with. Without even thinking about it, I said “Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner of course.” I was a bit confused because I thought, “Aren’t all babies skin nice?” Well that’s what I thought until I ran out of the Enviro-One baby wipes that I make myself and used instead some store brand wipes. In one week my daughter broke out in a really bad diaper rash. It was now clear to me why the doctor thought my daughter’s skin was so nice. Well you can guess what I did, I started making my Enviro-One wipes again.

Thanks for making such safe and natural products available!

God Bless,

Gigi & Hannah

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

I heard about Enviro-one from a friend with multiple chemical sensitivities. She was dependant on on Enviro-one for her health. Fragrances of even the more natural products made her feel ill. She was so pleased that she sent me a starter kit. I love it so much I sent a kit to another friend with animals in her home. IT cleans my car better than any product I have ever used. I like the foam pump for my hands. IT makes a black sink I have shine were other products make it dull. I am sending a kit to both of my sister’s who have small pets in there homes. I RECOMMEND IT FOR DISHES – who wants to eat off chemicals.

Kathryn K.
Santa Cruz, CA

Enviro-One for Sun Burn, Hair and other Personal Uses

Let me say again how absolutely AMAZED I am to discover daily the wonders of Enviro One. You do not say anything at all about the clearing up of those pesky brown spots – I wash my face with Enviro One exclusively and bathe in it too – I started becoming aware that the so called age spots which of course are sun damage, were fading and one on my cheekbone actually seemed to start shedding off. I wish I could tell  you how expensive the products are which are sold to fade spots and brighten complexion and some are just absolutely not safe either.

I will be 84 yrs old on Apr 25 and living here in the Ozarks I have a lot of outside chores to do in the summer sun – hence have had those hated spots appear. But now I have a good solution to that with Enviro One.

I also for the first time in years, can wash my hair in a good cleaning solution – no more baking soda shampoo for me. Baking soda was drying to my hair but not so with  Enviro One.

I do plan to order a gallon of it soon and I sure could use another foamer bottle too to keep at the kitchen sink. The one I got with my order – I keep in the bathroom  so that it is handy to foam up my face to clean it of makeup or just plain pollutants which seem to fall from the sky! Ha I sprutz the foam on my tooth brush and will never buy toothpaste again as I always worried about what was in that paste going into my mouth.

I have had a wart on my thumb end for YEARS and by just using Enviro One in cleansing my hands that pesky thing has just about disappeared! I have tried for eons to get rid of that wart.- Even several years ago went to a M.D. (I do not go to doctors so this was rare) He used some kind of “freezing” junk , which caused such post treatment (?) irritation and pain I could hardly endure it. Yeah the wart still was there. Hah I just had not researched enough to find a product but have now a wonder in Enviro One  I am resistant to doctors and their drugs. A result perhaps of being the great granddaughter of a Cherokee midwife who scoured these hills to collect herbs with which she treated persons asking her for help. To this day, the herbal tincture (tea) which she used,  is the only thing which will cure my rare sore throat infection.

Oh yes, and I had an invasion of those pesky visitors from Asia ( a weird type of Lady Bug ??) Yesterday I made war on those rascals with Enviro One & those which got the spray on them turned white and died and others “hurriedly got out of Dodge ”

Thank you for such a wonderful product called Enviro One.

Best Regards

Enviro-One for cleaning Bathroom and Kitchen

This product is so fabulous! Enviro-one is the best multi-use cleaning product on the market! I use this product in every area in my home: kitchen appliances, floors, walls and in my bathroom. This highly effective product works on soap scum to the highest power. Enviro-One makes my home fresh and allows me to enjoy my cleaning experience. I started using Enviro-One for two reasons: I wanted to use a non-toxic product that cleaned effectively and I didn’t want to inhale toxic products anymore while cleaning. I recommend anyone to purchase this product and start enjoying cleaning your environment with Enviro-one!


Moira S

 Enviro-One for veggies, dishwasher and personal care

My husband and I love the Enviro-One for all its uses. We spray it on areas not so easy to reach like garbage pail bottoms, toddler cup spouts, crevices around faucets. We clean fruit and veggies with it, and spritz greasy pots and dishes. Spray laundry that’ll have to wait but need treatment, like wet bibs and pants. Enviro-One is very effective on its own but I love it even more with baking soda for the washing machine and dishwasher. I can’t get too upset with our son when he purposely knocks liquids over on the carpet because the cleaner gets even dark stains out.

Our son’s morning face wipe is a washcloth wet with water and little of the Enviro-One. Because baby wipes contain chemical, I carry such a washcloth when we’re out so that after the park or playdates I can wipe our son’s hands and be fine about their going to his mouth. I couldn’t get markers off his fingers in Sunday School one day. The bathroom soap wouldn’t do a thing. The Enviro-One washcloth I had on me did the trick. I zap unwanted flies and mosquitoes in the home, too. Whatever is harmful to pests is harmful to people – it’s great we can use Enviro-One on and around our child.

Diana H.
Corona, CA

Enviro-One for Cleaning Tough Dirt and Grime

We sell metal and metal parts, auto parts, hydraulic hoses and parts, nuts and bolts, ect. as well as fabricating and fleet maintenance. A lot of dirty grimy work comes through our business and most of our customers need good cleaners. Personally I love it (Enviro-One). This is the first product I’ve used that cleans my husbands shower, which says a lot about your products cleaning power. I use non chemical cleaners as much as possible. Most of the organics I’ve used don’t have the strength to clean the gritty, oily, grime that we come into contact with.

Mary Ann
(Clearlake Machine Shop, Inc.)

No More Strong odors with Enviro-One

Well I have tried the products and I like them. The spray actually took off spots that I cannot get off with other products. And best of all no yucky smell or STRONG odor…

My Dad is 91 and he touches the walls a lot with just plain ole “greasy dirty hands” so that is one spot. And then in the kitchen I’m not really sure what the marks were, but they almost look like a black shoe mark and then I’m not sure what the others were. All I know is I have used many spray cleaners through all these years and short of using like comet, baking soda etc. just plain ole spraying and wiping wouldn’t take off. And I didn’t even really push hard with your spray…..

I would call the spots, a combination of dirt, grease, kids touching, people touching, etc. never really being kept up with properly cleaning wise, YUCK! And sometimes through my past cleaning experiences these types of yuck can be the hardest to just “wipe away” easily. And that is what I was able to do with the (Enviro-One) spray cleaner.

Thank you, Julie