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Wholesale/Drop Ship Registration

Thank you for your interest in Enviro-One wholesale/drop ship program. If you are a retailer, e-commerce site, wholesaler or distributor please fill out the form below to request information. Once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you to find out how we can best meet your needs. We look forward to partnering with you.

NOTE: We do not accept registrations for Amazon and Walmart sellers.


*REQUIRED for retailers located in U.S.A. (exceptions: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire & Oregon). You will need to provide a copy of your certificate prior to final approval. If exempt, please enter N/A.
Independent Distributor Agreement I am an independent distributor conducting business for my own account, and not an employee, representative, or agent of Enviro-One. I understand that since I am an independent contractors, I will not be treated as employees with respect to my business activities for State or Federal tax purposes. I will conduct my business in compliance with all Federal, State, and Municipal laws pertaining to my independent business operations.

1. I will present descriptions of Enviro-One products in a truthful and complete manner. All terms of sales will be clearly stated. I will fully support the Enviro-One guarantee on all of its products.

2. I agree not to post any product prices that are below the set M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Price). The maximum discount distributors can advertise Enviro-One products is 10% below the SRP (Suggested Retail Price).

3. I understand that I may terminate this agreement at any time via written notice to Enviro-One. If I should act contrary to the best interests of Enviro-One (as determined by Enviro-One), the company reserves the right to terminate this agreement via notice in writing, sent to the address last known to the company. I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Enviro-One Independent Distributor Agreement (see below). I understand that I am an independent distributor and agree to conduct my business in accordance with Enviro-One's policies and procedures.