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Old Antique Paint RemovalUser Guide: Removing Old Paint with Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner

Thank you for choosing Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner for removing old paint. This user guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to effectively and safely use the product to remove varnish or paint from various surfaces. Whether you are working on remodeling projects for the elderly, infirm, or simply prefer a gentle approach without strong chemicals, Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner is an ideal solution. Please follow the guidelines below for successful old paint removal:

1. Dilution Ratios:

  1. For the Regular Concentrate (2:1), mix 2 parts water with 1 part Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner concentrate.
  2. For the Super Concentrate (4:1), mix 4 parts water with 1 part Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner super concentrate.

2. Preparing the Solution:

  1. Fill a clean spray bottle with the appropriate amount of water.
  2. Add the recommended amount of Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner concentrate or super concentrate to the spray bottle.
  3. Close the spray bottle tightly and shake well to ensure proper dilution.

3. Old Paint Removal:

To remove varnish or paint, follow these steps:

  1. Apply a strong solution of Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner or use it directly as a concentrate onto the painted surface.
  2. Ensure the solution is applied evenly using a cloth or brush, covering the entire painted area.
  3. Allow the solution to sit on the surface for at least 30 minutes or longer. This will provide sufficient time for it to penetrate and loosen the old paint.
  4. After the designated time, wipe the surface with a wet terry cloth to remove the softened paint.
  5. For reaching into crevices and hard-to-access areas, consider using fine-grade steel wool for more effective removal.
  6. Depending on the thickness and number of paint layers, multiple applications may be necessary to completely remove the old paint.
  7. Monitor the progress after each application and repeat the process as needed until the desired outcome is achieved.
  8. Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner’s gentle formula is particularly suitable for individuals who are sensitive to strong chemicals or prefer a milder approach.

Additional Tips:

  • Test the solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the painted surface before proceeding with the full application.
  • Take care not to use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may damage the surface.
  • Store the concentrate or super concentrate in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

By following these instructions, you can effectively and safely remove old paint using Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner. Enjoy the benefits of its eco-friendly formula and gentle cleaning properties while achieving your desired results.


  • Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner Concentrate (128 oz)

  • Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner Super Concentrate (Gal)

  • Enviro-One All-Purpose Green Cleaner Spray Dispenser (EMPTY)

  • Enviro-One Pet Shampoo & Urine Remover

  • Enviro-One Foamer Dispenser (EMPTY)

  • Enviro-One LiceOut Foamer Dispenser (EMPTY)

  • Enviro-One Pet Shampoo & Urine Remover Spray Dispenser (EMPTY)

  • Non-Toxic Foaming Hand Soap

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