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ChildrenDid you know?Enviro-One Tip of the Day

BABY TOYS: Enviro-One Tip of the Day

1979397-forgotten-toys-in-a-dirty-sandbox-depressive-moodDid you know your child favorite toy is a magnet for germs. Enviro-One Multi-Use Cleaner gives you the ability to clean your child’s toys without exposing them to dangerous chemicals.

To clean your child’s toys spray a 5:1 diluted solution directly onto washable toys. Or, fill bucket with warm water, add 2-4 ounces solution and allow toys to soak.

Use small brush to clean in crevices if necessary. Rinse clean. For electronics or toys that cannot get wet, spray washcloth until damp, wipe surfaces and dry with fresh cloth. For fabric toys or stuffed animals, launder or hand wash with ENVIRO-ONE™. Give your baby the benefit of a clean, chemical free, safe play environment! Don’t forget the preschool and big kid toys – especially for shared play areas.