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Enviro-One for a Cancer Survivor

Ann M, is a cancer survivor and a valued Enviro-One customer. Here is what she have to say…

“Being a breast cancer survivor, I had re-evaluated my life & my enviroment. I am an avid reader of health articles & made many health giving changes. One has been to replace my toxic cleaners with Enviro-One Multi Use Green Cleaner. It does a fantastic job on our glass enclosed shower doors & walls. It leaves everything sparlking & removes soap residue. I use it on all my kitchen appliances & counters, I cannot say enough on the importance of removing harmful cleaners we use daily from our lives. It is up to us to make wise choices to protect ourselves & our families. Enviro-One is the way to go!”

Thank you Ann for the sharing your comments! We are happy we could provide you with a save non-toxic cleaning solution.