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About Enviro-One Natural Cleaner

Searching for a natural toilet cleaner? Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner is the most powerful yet most natural cleaning product available in the market to day. It can be used to clean just about any washable surface including: appliances, kitchens, floors and bathrooms. It is especially powerful when it comes to cleaning toilets.

How To Use Enviro-One as a Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Begin by making a 5:1 dilution for the regular concentrate or 10:1 for the super Concentrate. You can use our dilution calculator or quick dilution chart. 
Once you have the recommended dilution, add the solution to a spray bottle. We recommend using our refillable 32 oz spray dispenser.
  • Step 1: Spray seat, bowl and sides, including the floor around the toilet.
  • Step 2: Scrub inside with a toilet bowl brush. Scrub under the rim and lips of the bowl. Let the soap sit for a few minutes.
  • Scrub the water line to remove mineral stains and buildup.
  • Step 3: Use a sponge or damp cloth to wipe the seat, sides and floor.
  • Step 4: Flush the toilet to rinse clean while using the brush. Repeat flushing until the bowl is thoroughly rinsed.
  • Step 5: spray and use a clean wet cloth or sponge to wipe down the toilet handle. Most of the germs are spread when the handles are not cleaned properly.
Additional Usage
If your water has a lot of hard water stains in it, try adding 2 ounces of ENVIRO-ONE™ Concentrate to the tank.

Natural Floor Cleaner

Enviro-One can also be used to clean the tile floors around toilet. Spray the floor and wipe with a damp cloth or add 2 oz of solution to a bucket of water and mop the floor. Enviro-One is an excellent natural floor cleaner.

Natural Toilet Cleaner Ingredients 

Enviro-One All-Purpose Green Cleaner uses only natural plant based ingredients in its formula. No petrochemical ingredients; no chemical residue;; no fragrance added.

Adding Essential Oils

By adding your own organic essential oil, you can add favorite scents, making your bathroom smelling clean and fresh. We recommend using, lemon, eucalyptus or lavender oils.

Why Use Enviro-One to Clean your toilet?

Many of the store bought crooked bowl cleaners contain toxic ingredients including bleach and hydrochloric acid which could have adverse affects on your health. By using Enviro-One as a natural toilet bowl cleaner, you will be able to clean your toilet and avoid those harmful chemicals.
Enviro-One has been tested and have shown it kills 99.9% of germs found on your toilet – proving that cleaning your toilet does not have to be toxic.

Customer Review

I love this product. Safe, clean, economical – I use it for countertops, floors, oven, toilets, and shampoo, and even brush my teeth. So nice to have one product that does so much depending on dilution. I even add my own essential oil for a fragrance I like. Smells great without any though.