Enviro-One LiceOut Head Lice Treatment w/Foamer (Case-4)


Our formula uses 100% natural ingredients and is safe for the entire family to use. No more toxic chemicals needed to get rid of head lice.


Enviro-One LiceOut™ gets rid of head lice without the use of pesticides or other toxic chemicals.

Enviro-One LiceOut™ is the purest natural non-toxic lice solution available in today’s market. It is safe to use on anyone including young children as well as those who are extreamly chemically sensitive.

This ultra safe Head Lice treatment can be applied directly to the hair and scalp as well as in the laundry for washing clothes and linens.

How Enviro-One LiceOut Work:

Instead of relying on poisons, Enviro-One LiceOut™ mechanically removes head lice by affecting their shells (exoskeleton). Because head lice exoskeleton is composed of oil-based molecules, LiceOut’s colloidal micelle action dissolves the oils on their shells which and cause them to die. Because mammals are not oil-based, but rather aqueous (water)-based, Enviro-One LiceOut™ is absolutely harmless to humans and animals.

Enviro-One LiceOut™ Non-toxic head lice treatment contains:

NO Ammonia
NO Ammonium
NO Animal Products
NO Artificial Ingredients
NO Chlorine
NO Citric Acid
NO Dyes or Colors
NO Harmful Detergents
NO Hydrochloric Acid
NO Hydrofluoric Acid
NO Isopropyl Alcohol
NO Lauryl Sulfate

Purified water, fatty acids, organic alcohol (derived from sugarcane), folic acid, minerals and enzymes derived from edible and seed bearing plants.

1 Gallon Ready to Use (Comes w/ 1 Free Foamer Dispenser)