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LAUNDRY SOAP – (5:1) Use ENVIRO-ONE™ to replace toxic commercial laundry detergents. Follow manufacturer’s washing instructions for fabric type and clothing.

For the best laundry results, always use a solution pre-mixed with water—NOT raw Concentrate since it more rapidly disperses in the wash cycle and the molecules have already been activated by water. Pre-treat spots and stains with solution sprayed directly on spot. Agitate by rubbing fabric together or use a brush. Soaking also helps lift dirt and stains.

SMALL LOADS or LIGHTLY SOILED: Use 2 to 3 ounces of solution

MEDIUM LOADS or MEDIUM SOILED: Use 3 to 4 ounces of solution

LARGE LOADS or HEAVILY SOILED: Use 4 to 6 ounces of solution

If laundry is especially greasy or soiled, allow to soak at least 30 minutes or overnight if necessary. Use the pre-soak feature on your washing machine or fill as usual and allow to agitate for 2 minutes. Stop the wash cycle by opening the lid or pulling up on the dial for the desired amount of soaking time. Then resume washing as usual by closing the lid or pushing in on the dial.

ENVIRO-ONE™ cleans just as powerfully in cold water as in hot water. Since hot water breaks down fabric and dyes, you can launder with ENVIRO-ONE™ in cold water to promote fabric longevity. As a result, your clothes will look better and last longer.

NOTE: Local water quality varies by municipality and regions. “Hard” water (high in minerals) will require more ENVIRO-ONE™ solution than “soft” water. Minerals in hard water also cause dull, dingy/discolored whites.

For brighter whites, consider investing in a water softener instead of using poisonous bleach. ENVIRO-ONE™ activates the residue in previously bleached clothing. This should disappear after several washings. Do not use chlorine bleach with ENVIRO-ONE™. Food grade hydrogen peroxide works well with ENVIRO-ONE™ for a whitening effect.

Chemicals and fragrances in most laundry detergents are actually poisonous and remain in fabrics to be absorbed by your skin all day. Toxic residues left on clothing by commercial laundry detergents enter your body through the skin. In turn, they leave toxic residues in your tissues and fat cells, complex molecules that your body must work hard to break down and detoxify.

To get both dirt and chemicals out of the clothing and away from your skin, launder with ENVIRO-ONE™’s utilizing micelle molecular technology instead of chemicals to get the fibers of your fabrics truly clean.

High- efficiency Washer

To use Enviro-One for you high efficiency washer, we recommend you use about a 15:1 dilution.

– 2 oz for small loads
– 4 oz for medium loads
– 6 oz for large loads
– 8 oz for extra large loads

Pre-treat spots and for heavily soiled loads, soak for 20 minutes before starting wash cycle.


Elizabeth F.
I finally started using it for laundry detergent. My clothes are amazingly clean. I have three boys that play lacrosse and this is the only thing that gets their smelly pads and gear clean. I am truly impressed. We use it for everything! Thanks


  • Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner Concentrate (128 oz)

  • Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner Super Concentrate (Gal)

  • Enviro-One All-Purpose Green Cleaner Spray Dispenser (EMPTY)

  • Enviro-One Pet Shampoo & Urine Remover

  • Enviro-One Foamer Dispenser (EMPTY)

  • Enviro-One LiceOut Foamer Dispenser (EMPTY)

  • Enviro-One Pet Shampoo & Urine Remover Spray Dispenser (EMPTY)

  • Non-Toxic Foaming Hand Soap

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