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Non-Toxic Insect Killer

Here is a testimony from Robert B. of Enviro-One can be used as a non-toxic insect killer, it often in seconds to minutes, by emulsifying their outer oily shell or coating. Ants and flies often die in seconds, wasps in minutes.

Tennessee, one of our long time customers. Thank you Robert!!!

I’ve been using this product for 18 years. Originally called “Planet Solutions” then “Botanic Gold”, now Enviro-one”. It is an organic, 100% natural product, vegetable based, that is an all-purpose product that can replace most other household products. It is antibacterial and bacteriostatic. It is alkaline and pH balanced for the human body. It is a colloid, not a soap, and also has commercial and industrial grades. It comes in a concentrate that you dilute with water 15-1 (15 parts water to 1 part product) and even up to greater dilutions for various applications. It will kill insects, often in seconds to minutes, by emulsifying their outer oily shell or coating. Ants and flies often die in seconds, wasps in minutes. Yet you can brush your teeth with it (thought it does not taste good) and even drink it highly diluted, to kill parasites, microbials, or alkalinize. Some insects may take longer to die… such as bagworm caterpillars on fruit and nut trees. I have opened their silk sack with a stick and sprayed this on them, it may take a few days, but they dry up like beef jerky; though a shop vac with a longer piece of pcv electrical taped to the shop vac hose is cheaper and assures none get away.

[and that is my invention for the safest way to suck up yellowjackets, wasps, hornets, etc., from a 10-foot distance; and if they have a nest under ground or in a hole, you can rig it to stay in place and leave it on until they are all sucked up coming and going; I had such a huge colony, I vacced up over 10,000 and burned the shop vac out leaving it on so long. spraying this product into the end of the shop vac will help kill those that survive being thunked into the vac. Wasps are stronger fliers and have stronger legs and caution should be used because if you get too close to their paper nest and the vac sucks onto the nest, you can no longer vac up the wasps and then you are vulnerable. Generally, from 10 feet away, yellow jackets will only attack the end of the pvc by their nest, and not follow the pvc down to you; wasps it seems are a little smarter and maybe see better? Wasps require more caution.]

I add it (along with essential oils) to plain equate brand NON-SUGARY mouthwash. Everything does not and SHOULD not taste sweet or be fluorescent colors. Those flavors and colors are generally poison. Mouthwash is not a milk shake or jewelry. It doesn’t need to taste sweet or look pretty. It’s job is to kill bacteria. Essential oils (such as peppermint, black birch, tea tree, oregano, thyme, rosemary, etc. all help kill bacteria and also freshen the breath; and adding xylitol will also help kill bacteria and help remineralize and recalcify the teeth, and some peroxide is also good to add). Just say “no” to pretty colored POISONS.

I use it as my shampoo, with added essential oils. Many chemicals in toothpastes, soaps, and shampoos are toxic and your body stores these toxins up in the organs. Sodium lauryl sulfate, etc. A Google search will give plenty of information on the toxic chemicals (especially in antibacterial soaps, anti-perspirant, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste) which should never be used. Any product with aluminum or alum (in any form) should not be ingested or used on the body either as a wash or a lotion or a deodorant. If you have body odor it is a sign your body needs to detox. Don’t cover the smell up, deal with the organ cleansing. You would not give a termite riddles house a mere coat of paint, would you? Treat the cause, not the symptom. Get rid of the spider, don’t merely clean up the cobwebs.

It can cure rashes of unknown origin. A drop of the concentrate placed on a bandaid and over a wart, adding a new drop at least once during the day, can painlessly remove warts in under 2 weeks (larger, deeper warts may take longer). 100% safe, most effective cure for head lice. It should not be sprayed on good furniture or painted surfaces because it may damage the finish… good bug degreaser for windshield. Can also be used on pets and livestock or yourself if there is a wound, sore, etc., to prevent infection. It also deodorizes / neutralizes the source of odor. If sprayed on plants to kill insects, it should be diluted more, closer to 60:1, and do a test area on the plant and wait a few days to see how it affects the plant. Some plants are more tender than others and may require even 100:1. Some commercial orchardists and veterinarians have used it, as have some hotel chains, carpet cleaners, oil change chains, and even military, for degreasing, cleaning, sanitizing, decontaminating, etc.

These statements are not approved by anyone or any self-appointed agency, nor the company, and I am not giving medical advice, but merely explaining how I have used the product for 18 years.

A gallon may seem expensive, but it is a concentrate so it makes well over a dozen gallons. Most bathroom and kitchen cleaners are toxic and even deadly. The skull and crossbones was deceptively removed from products for marketing/money-making reasons, replaced by mere words such as “caution”, “warning”, “danger” (each with its own specific meaning, of which the average person is entirely ignorant). One of the most dangerous household cleaners is the average dishwasher detergents, in which a mere taste can kill an adult, so even a crystal or two that falls on the floor can possibly kill a baby or a pet if ingested. Whether you use this product or not, realize just how deadly many household products are and take appropriate precautions.