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No More Strong odors with Enviro-One

Well I have tried the products and I like them. The spray actually took off spots that I cannot get off with other products. And best of all no yucky smell or STRONG odor…

My Dad is 91 and he touches the walls a lot with just plain ole “greasy dirty hands” so that is one spot. And then in the kitchen I’m not really sure what the marks were, but they almost look like a black shoe mark and then I’m not sure what the others were. All I know is I have used many spray cleaners through all these years and short of using like comet, baking soda etc. just plain ole spraying and wiping wouldn’t take off. And I didn’t even really push hard with your spray…..

I would call the spots, a combination of dirt, grease, kids touching, people touching, etc. never really being kept up with properly cleaning wise, YUCK! And sometimes through my past cleaning experiences these types of yuck can be the hardest to just “wipe away” easily. And that is what I was able to do with the (Enviro-One) spray cleaner.

Thank you, Julie